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Express automation repairs

Quick diagnosis of automated devices allows for keeping production continuous. A broken drive? Operator panel not starting up? Servo-motor working loud? Call us - price evaluation and repair as soon as in 24 hours.

We repair servo-motors, operator panels, inverters, feeders, servo-drives, encoders and other components of industrial machinery.

What makes us different?

We are available on weekends and holidays!

24 months warranty in standard!

Guaranteed replacement of consumable items such as capacitors, bearings!

Hotline available 24/7 +48 717 500 977

As the only one in Europe, we diagnose engines in one day!

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Special offer - service, time and prices

Industrial electronics - diagnose
24h - 450 PLN
Mon - Fri 7:00 - 17:00
Motors - diagnose
24h - 450 PLN
Mon - Fri 7:00 - 17:00
Special repairs
24/7 - 3000 PLN (non-returnable fee for starting the service operation)
option available on weekends and holidays and outside of business hours

Professional customer service

RGB Elektronika is an industrial automation service company founded in 1999.

Since then we have gained numerous customers and a lot of esteem on international markets. Repair of damaged equipment and periodical component maintenance in industrial automation are our bests. Engagement in customer support, express repair, and professional customer service make us stand out from among the competitors. Both domestic and international customers usually call us to solve problems with production lines, industrial machinery, and robots.

Express quote and repair within 24h are what makes us special.

Our service specialists are able to present a diagnosis of the failure as soon as within one business day of supplying the equipment to us. We repair servo-motors, electrobobbins, operator panels, inverters, feeders, servo-drives, encoders and other components of industrial machinery.

Our team of qualified engineers provides professional help in express repair and quickly finds a solution to the problem.

In response to the needs of our customers, all the repairs are supervised by a computer control system so that we are able to track the history of our repairs. Once we complete all the actions aiming at repair of the fault, each piece of equipment is subjected to maintenance to prevent the issue from reoccurring in the future. We are confident in the quality of our work and thus we provide a 12-month guarantee for the whole device, with prolongation option.

Need help now? Call us!

We perform the repairs of industrial automation equipment 24/7 – always during weekends and holidays!

Description of the 24/7 service

The service makes it possible to perform the orders consisting in repairing and collecting the purchased device outside company working hours. From Monday to Friday between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. as well as on Saturday, Sunday and holidays, our staff is ready to provide you with immediate assistance.

Conditions of using the service

The service is available on the condition of submitting signed service order form “Service 24/7” as well as paying the fee according to price list for the service “Service 24/7”.

How to express the will to use the service?

By phone by calling the 24/7 hotline +48 717 500 977 . Our consultant will discuss with you all formalities connected with using the service and will schedule the hour for receiving/collecting the device at RGB Elektronika seat.

Response time

Response time for the reported production downtime connected with the failure of industrial automation equipment constitutes for us a priority. We will be ready to receive or release the device within four hours from receiving the notification.

What is the cost of using the service?

Using the “Service 24/7” service is connected with paying a non-refundable fee. In the case of servicing a device, initial fee is PLN 3000.00 net, while if you would like to collect the purchased device outside company working hours, PLN 2000.00 net should be added to its price. The fee is charged upon arrival and it does not depend on the result of service order.

What is the course of repair from the moment of supplying the device?

Our consultant will be waiting for you at customer service point in order to receive the device and complete all formalities. The device will be forwarded to the servicing unit. Our consultant will remain at your disposal for the entire duration of servicing works. We will first verify the condition of the device as well as equipment repair opportunities. You will receive the offer including repair costs as well as the shortest possible time we need to perform the repair. If offer conditions are approved, we will immediately proceed to its realization. If possible, the device will be repaired on the same day.

Warranty for the obtained device

Each device which is repaired and sold is covered by 24 months of warranty.

In all cases not described herein, the following shall apply: